Zamora "The Meat Preachers" is all about enjoying homemade food, we use natural ingredients in traditional recipes and add a modern twist. We combine the traditional South American and European recipes and techniques with fine New Zealand ingredients.

Our Story

Since the outsetin 2010,  Zamora started with the objective to create something different with real passion for meats. Nicolas and Matias wanted to create products which they and their families in south america had eaten and enjoyed. They wanted to share this experience with others. 

This passion ignited a very close friendship and business relationship that gave shape to Zamora. With the help of their partners and friends they began to grow slowly and steadily to become a true local business.

Today Zamora is a thrivingbusiness with a noticeable identity.


Our customers range from large wholesale accounts to individuals. There is one thing we all have in common and that is a love of delicious food and quality meat.

Our team of Meat Preachers are all very passionate about meat, we love to prepare, cook and enjoy meat ourselves. So when you come to visit us we aim to provide the best advice and products to get the perfect meats for your meal or event.  

Your Meat Preacher will provide some great options for you to meet your needs whether it’s sausages for the family or some short cut beef ribs out to impress! They will also be able provide the technics to make the most of your cooking.